AAE - the ATS Accuracy Estimate

The ATS Accuracy Estimate (from here on out known as the AAE) is a mathamatically provided statistic that basically "Handicapps the Handicappers".

The AAE was launched originally on ATSBets.com in 2002, and since its initial launch has been coppied by other *unnamed* sports handicapping websites.  The AAE's goal is to review the historic picks made by a handicapper, and calculate a potential for them to win their current pick based on their historic results.  The AAE is used on both ATSCappers.com & ATSExperts.com currently.

In a brief summary, the formula makes the following calculations:

  • Calculates the historic records for the home team based on wins and losses when picking for or against a that specific team for moneyline, spread, and totals. 

  • Calculates the historic records for the away team based on wins and losses when picking for or against a that specific team for moneyline, spread, and totals. 

  • Averages the calculations together and produces the overal "AAE" for this sports pick from a specific handicapper.

The main reason this formula was created was to allow visitors the ability to quickly see and understand which teams handicappers are more profitable with.  Everyone has a specific team, or specific division they are better at - we just make it easier to identify.

Below are some common FAQs about the AAE:

Q. Is the AAE the same for all picks on a specific matchup for the day?

A. No.  The AAE is a unique percentage calculated for a specific ATS Capper based on his previous results for the teams that are playing in the current matchup.

Q. If a Capper has a 0% AAE for his pick, does that mean he is going to lose for sure?

A. No. A 0% AAE could mean 1 of two things.  1 - it could mean he has never made a pick on either of the teams being played or 2 - it could mean they lost all of the picks dealing with each of the teams being played.  We recomend betting lightly on 0% AAE, or not at all.

Q. If a capper has over 60% AAE, does that mean the pick is a lock?

A. Locks are no such thing anymore.  There are "Big Plays" and "Little Plays" but locks are simply scammer terminology. an AAE above 60% does mean the handicapper has historical results to backup his pick, and should give you more confidence in your bet - but nothing is a guaranteed lock - ever.

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